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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Through my Eyes by Cindy Franks White - Review

Title: Through my Eyes

Author: Cindy Franks White

Genre: Poetry

Here's what I thought of the poetry. These poems portray what Cindy has been going through her whole life. They gave me a sense of sadness and some of them brought tears to my eyes. Cindy has a knack for writing, and knows what life is. I give her poetry 5 out of 5 book-a-saur paws. 

I had the oppotunity to speak with Cindy about her poetry. Here it is! 

Me: What type of poems do you generally write?

Cindy: Hard one from the start... I write what I feel whether emotion hits me at the time... Currently working on a book to wake people up on child abuse

Me: What inspired you to write Through my Eyes?

Cindy: Through My Eyes is a collection of poetry that hit me where it hurts the most... my heart... There are poems for my friend, Rick, who passed away... Poems for my children and loved ones I have lost or those I have loved

Me: Are you currently working on another poem book?

Cindy: yes, my next book is going to be entitled "No Sunshine On The Mountain"

Me: Sounds interesting. Can you give us a little idea of what it is going to be about?

Cindy: It is about child abuse and the prevention of... To wake people up that there are really children in need of love and assistance to break free from the evil ones that hurt them. If you would like I can give you a sample poem.

Me: Please do 

THIS IS A SAMPLE OF "No Sunshine on the Mountain" READ AT RISK

Where were you Mommy???

Where were you when things were bad?
Where were you when I was so sad?
Where were you mommy I scream and cry
Without knowing the answers or why

When I needed you most you were not there
I remember that night you proved you didn’t care
The day you refused to rock me in your arms
The day I knew I was destined to be harmed

Where were you mommy when I needed you most?
Where were you when I scream from these ghosts?
Where were you when I ran away?
Where you were I cannot say.

I needed you to be the one I adored
You walked over me as I lay battered on the floor
Those days haunt me, the ones I knew
The days I knew I meant nothing to you

Where were you mommy when I cried?
Where were you when I wished I had died?
Where were you when I was battered and blue
Oh I remember you hit me too.


Me: Do you enjoy reading poetry?

Cindy: my grandfather brought me up on Shakespeare and Poe... I love poetry; I really don't read enough of it... But it is beautiful

Me: Do you think that poetry can be devised into genres?

Cindy: I think it could, but should it... Not really...

Me: Do you have a favorite poet?

Cindy: I would have to say Poe.

Me: Is there anything you want to say to other poets out there?

Cindy: keep writing and let your emotions be your guide... Feel your words, and never give up... Even if it is just to write to appease you... do it

Me: Thanks so much Cindy for taking the time to answer some of my questions 

Cindy: You are welcome anytime

The interview was very informative and we got to see a glimpse of her new book! Want to learn more of Through my Eyes? Read on!

BLURB:  Welcome to my world... Of poetry and a glimpse into my life... My life wasn't always the best so I hid myself and wrote. It is easier for me to write how I feel than to say it... so in here you will find my heartfelt words, truth about my life, my love, my world... I thank you for giving me the chance to enter your mind and I hope that you take from each poem exactly how I was trying to express to you from my wayward mind that has seen so much, felt so much and has now begun to heal, What Once Was Broken... Now Takes Flight...

Author bio

Born Cindy Franks , got married to a amazing man and changed name to Cindy White… I have 2 amazing children,1  daughter 24 yrs old, married, with a grandson and a little one on the way, 1 son 17 yrs old and a semi-pro skateboarder.. I am 42 yrs old, have been writing for a very long time.. 32 yrs to be exact if you don’t count the poem I wrote at 10… yes I can still remember the poem.. I love animal of all kinds but am mostly partial to dogs.. they are truly your best friend..  I have done rescue work with some of the saddest dogs you ever wanted to meet..  I am an advocate of the rescue and retraining of pitbulls and rottweillers. I was born in Maryland, moved to Virginia then back again.. have been here for the most part every since..  I started writing to hide my feelings and emotions then it became a part of me.. no matter where life took me I kept my book of poetry with me.. it kept me sane for the most part.. now I am sharing them with you .. I hope you enjoy and feel how I felt when writing them.

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