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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sweet Serendipity by Jenna Pizzi - Review

 Title: Sweet Serendipity

Author: Jenna Pizzi

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Sweet Serendipity was a wonderful book. I love how the title has to do with my favorite part! I've always had a thing for artists, and I love that Ethan created a gallery just for Becca. The book starts out on a sad note; Becca finds out her husband is cheating on her. I honestly find this part really sad. The further you went into the story, the more you learned about their relationship and their family. I enjoyed how we slowly learned more and more about each and every one of the characters. The book made you feel genuine emotions for the difficulties and gains that they went through. IF you are looking for a realistic romance, this is definitely the book to read. Jenna Pizzi did a wonderful job! I give this book 5 out of 5 book-a-saur paws! 

Sometimes you need to let go of the past in order to open your heart to love again.

Not every marriage is perfect. Rebecca knew she’d have to make some sacrifices. What she didn’t realize is that it would cost her, her heart. After nearly twenty years of marriage and one heart break after another, will she find the strength to let go and move on? Will she allow herself to love again?
Rebecca lived everyday with the same routine of caring for the kids, the house, and her husband Jack. Until one night she finds Jack with another woman, and Rebecca’s world falls apart. With the encouragement of her two closest friends, Rebecca realizes that she can find the happiness she deserves.
Ethan is an artist who lost his will to paint. When he meets Rebecca, he once again finds the inspirations he had been longing for. He knows that she has built walls around her, but he’s determined to break them down brick by brick to prove to her that she is worthy of being loved.
This is a heartwarming story of friendship, love, and overcoming tragedy to find that there is always a new beginning.

Author Bio:
Born and raised in Massachusetts, Jenna settled into America's hometown where she proudly calls home with her family. She is an avid book reader and collector with an entire room dedicated to her passion. At the age of twelve years old Jenna began writing, determined to be just like Stephen King or Dean Koontz.
For her it all starts with the flick of an image. From there a story is born. Being an eternal romantic, Jenna is a true believer in happy endings. It's the rest of the story that anything is possible. Writing is her passion. It is something that helps her unwind at the end of the day. She likes to tell stories that will pull at your heartstrings, or simply whisk you away even for just a little while. So grab your favorite blanket, and a hot cup of coffee and settle in for the ride.

Twitter: @jaderayne


Thank you for today, Becky. It means a lot that you came with us.”
“I didn’t have much choice, Jack. Adam damn near had a nervous breakdown. I’d appreciate it if you’d have a talk with him and tell him that even if we’re not together, we still love him.”
“Becky, you’ve got to know that it’s his enthusiasm that keeps me going. If he still believes that we can work it out, then I believe that we can work it out. Do you understand? As long as he has hope, then so don’t I,” Jack told her.
She turned sideways and looked into his grey eyes. “Jack, we had our chance and it didn’t work. You chose comfort in someone else’s arms. I know that after all this time, it’s hard to imagine a life without us together, but I think you need to realize that is exactly where we are headed. I loved you, Jack. Somewhere along the way the love stopped. Somewhere I stopped being the person you came to for talking, and sharing, and  laughing. We were broken before Brian died. His senseless death was just the final straw. I lost myself somewhere along the way. I stopped caring enough about myself to realize
how damaged we really were. I surrounded myself with the kids and you with your job. It hasn’t been a marriage in a very long time. The kids will be grown soon, and what will we have left?”
 Jack reached for her hand. “We’d have a new beginning. We’d have a chance to rediscover why we fell in love in the first place. We could travel; I could build that koi pond I always promised. We could have another baby.”
Rebecca laughed.
“I seriously hope you are joking. How is it that you go from where we are now to having a baby?”
“I have made many mistakes, but those kids are the only thing that I have done right. I’d be a better father, a better husband. You can’t tell me that you don’t look at Layla Grace and wish you had another one?”
“Everyone loves babies. It doesn’t mean that you and I having another one will fix us. I don’t know if I could ever trust you again.”
“How do you think I feel? Knowing your best friend works a few doors down from the man you’ve been having a fling with.”
“It’s more than a fling, Jack. He’s talking future plans.”
Jack downed his glass of wine and stood up.
“Then where is he?”
“He left town.”
“Ha. Why? He couldn’t handle the heat of competition?”

Rebecca stood up.
“That’s just the thing, Jack. To you, it’s a competition. I think the only reason you are even trying to do this is because you know someone else has feelings for me. If I wasn’t seeing someone, you’d still be running around with someone like Amber.”
He stood only inches from her, pulled up his sleeve, and pointed to his shoulder. What does each and every tattoo on my body represent? I have how we met and our first date. I have our wedding and the birth of the kids. Each tattoo flows into the next. It wouldn’t make much sense to someone else, but with you, you know each and every picture. You know what each one represents. It is our story; the story of us. I still have plenty of room to keep going. I don’t want our story to stop. I want to tell our grandkids our stories someday.”  
Rebecca started to cry. His words were cutting deep. He was telling her all the things that she wished he would have told her when it mattered the most. Jack got down on one knee. He held her hand in his and looked deep into her chocolate eyes.
“I have loved you for almost two decades, Becky. We were bound to hit a few snags along the way, but we can only learn to grow from our mistakes. I realize that you are the only one for me. I will never love anyone the way I love you. You are
my past, present, and future. You are my heart and my soul. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me, again.” A tear fell from the corner of his eye. She felt as though she were going to pass out. She never imagined that he’d be sitting here now,
doing this.
Her tears were not tears of happiness, but tears of the past, tears of the years she had felt neglected and alone. They were tears for the years she had woken with the crying babies while he couldn’t be bothered. She cried for the years she felt like a single parent

because his work always took top priority to him. She cried for all the empty holidays when it felt as though he never wanted to be there. She fell to her seat and held her head in her hands. 

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  1. This book is one of my favorites. I LOVE how Jenna Pizzi brings "real-life" circumstances, problems, and illness into her books. Your emotions will get kidnapped and you will feel everything the characters do. I'm sure everyone knows someone or is the someone that can relate to this story.

    Rebecca has been unhappy for a while before she finds out about her husband cheating. Her husband Jack, hasn't paid attention to her or made her feel loved for a while. It;s a hard decision for Rebecca to make but she decides to move on with her life. Her daughter Riley accepts the situation because she is older and has seen and sensed that her parents were unhappy. Although Rebecca's son Adam, since he is younger, is very hurt and takes it out on his mom. Rebecca has the support of friends to help her get through these tough times. They insist that it is time for her to "live" her life and to be happy because she deserves it. Rebecca is so used to the wife and mom role that she just doesn't know how to "live." Rebbecca meets Ethan and is scared to death of a relationship. In the midst of all this Rebecca learns from her very close friend that she has an illness. Rebecca takes care of her while Ethan takes care of Rebecca. There is much more to the story but I believe everyone should read it for themselves and fall in love with it as I have. Just a warning that you will cry rivers, laugh, and scream at characters at times. Don't hesitate, just read this book! 5+stars